Pauline’s passion for and knowledge of yoga has guided and encouraged me to grow and explore new levels of my practice. She is dedicated to each student’s individual journey and teaching how to focus the mind and body to build flexibility, balance and strength. I have practiced yoga with Pauline for more than a year and her gift to genuinely connect with students and nurture their personal goals inside and outside of the studio makes Pauline an amazing instructor.

-Melissa D.

Pauline Tan is a SPARK that ignites and fuels the inner fire in everyone around her. From her cheery greeting in the foyer of the studio before class, to encouraging students through Vinyasas or challenging beginning and experienced students alike to honor their bodies and personal practice in class to her gentle words of wisdom at the end of Savasana, Pauline exudes positive energy. She brings Namaste to life – the good in her sees the good in each and every one she encounters. Another way to describe Pauline is full of grace.

I first met Pauline in August of 2012. My yoga experience prior to working with Pauline was rudimentary at best. I will never forget how Pauline welcomed me into the studio, assured me yoga was a practice and everyone had to start somewhere. She taught, she encouraged and she pushed. Eighteen months later, Pauline continues to model for me, push me and nurture my practice – in short, she offers the perfect balance of challenge and support. With Pauline’s guidance my practice has evolve to a point where it has become a very personal growth journey.

Pauline is comfortable teaching beginners or seasoned practitioners. She is able to adapt her instruction to the students in each class. Her high level of energy is always perfectly balanced with a level of concern for those around her and a dedication to the practice of yoga. She has an ability to make classes challenging and accessible for all. Pauline never loses sight of the mind-body connection and the importance of that connection. Her coaching encompasses both the physical and the mental.

Pauline is an inspiration in that she is clearly dedicated to her personal practice and professional growth. She embodies a commitment to wellness and personal growth as she develops her personal practice. Professionally, she continues to seek out growth opportunities to improve her skills as an instructor. She is always willing to share her triumphs as well as her challenges allowing us to learn and grow with her. Moreover, she is truly interested in her students and their personal growth journeys. I am proud to call her my teacher, my mentor and my friend!

-Dana L.