Yoga for Athletes

Whether you are rehabilitating your body after an injury or are looking for a specific recovery program to lessen the risk of injury, Yoga for Athletes classes and workshops are intentionally designed to help you integrate yoga into your athletic training. I love working with athletes to find that ideal balance between stability and mobility, strength and agility and effort with ease. We will work together to find the most appropriate way to incorporate yoga into your training, to efficiently merge mind, body, and sport, giving you the tools to propel yourself to the next level.

Yoga relieves muscle tension and assists in the balance between joint mobility and stability. Athletes who practice yoga gain a greater ability to manage their breath — maximizing oxygen intake and lessening loss of energy during endurance training. Yoga helps athletes lower blood pressure, mitigate aches and pains, manage intensity and increase focus, preparing the body’s physical response to challenging situations faced in competitive sports.

Yoga for Athletes classes and workshops are not necessarily athletic yoga classes. Instead, athletes are taught a variety of postures geared toward increasing range of mobility in hips, shoulders, spine, wrists, and ankles with a focus on functional movement. The pace and intensity of the class varies. At times it may be dynamic with more of a strengthening component and at others it may be more restorative, depending on where the athlete is in their training or competitive season.

A regular yoga practice can help you regain balance and realignment to movement.  Yoga’s focus on concentration and breath will also help you improve your ability to focus and mental endurance.  These classes also address any imbalances that may exist through the overuse and repetitive nature of certain activities, assisting in the prevention of overuse injuries.

 Pauline currently teaches a weekly group Recovery Yoga for Athletes class on Wednesday evenings at 6pm at Spark Barre Pilates & Yoga.

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