Athletic Conditioning Pilates

Pilates helps athletes develop core strength, increase flexibility, assist in rehabilitation after injury and create muscular balance throughout the entire body. As a result, athletes become more resilient and can withstand rigorous training regimes and ultimately perform better.

With all sports, there are common repetitive stresses and uneven development of musculature, which can reduce your performance and lead to injury. Pilates exercises performed on the mat or Pilates equipment such as the Reformer and Chair, strengthen the whole body and counter these imbalances. They emphasize core strength and target underused yet intrinsic muscle groups. Balancing work of the large and smaller muscle groups will balance your joints, preventing wear and tear and allowing your body to work more effectively.

Traditional athletic training methods will help develop the muscles required in a specific sport, but may not address the stabilizing muscles around the joints or the torso. Often, one muscle is identified and exercises are designed to isolate that muscle, usually in a single plane of motion. However, Pilates exercises can be more complex than traditional moves and will therefore recruit a larger number of muscle groups or strengthen the same muscles from many angles and in a variety of different ranges of motion, ultimately benefiting the athlete on various physical and mental levels.

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