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No matter the sport, athletes face distinct challenges in their quest for peak performance without injuries. Yoga for Athletes and Athletic Conditioning Pilates are tailored specifically for teams, groups or individuals with specific cross-training needs. Whether your sport is triathlon, golf, tennis, football, soccer, basketball or Cross-Fit, we will work together to gain mobility, balance and functional strength thereby improving form, efficiency and power.

We will start with an initial consultation to assess your needs of your physical activity or sport, discuss past or current injuries or issues with strength and mobility, and goals for current training or future races or competitions. From this, we will discuss the frequency of classes and how best to integrate yoga and/or pilates into your current training program.

Private training involves individual instruction tailored to your fitness level and your body’s specific needs. Because these sessions are specially designed for each individual’s personal circumstances, they can include any combination of yoga and pilates equipment training. Perfect for those with injuries or who have a highly specific training plan.

Group Classes and Workshops: These sessions will be tailored towards specific topics or sports depending on the needs of the group or theme of the workshop. Workshops or group classes typically last 2 hours and 1 hour respectively.  Examples of sessions include Power Yoga for Athletes, Recovery Yoga for Athletes, Rock Your Core.

Recreational, College or Professional Sports Teams: Working alongside the team’s coaches and your current training schedule, these sessions can be tailored to help improve team performance based on the group’s goals, current training program and upcoming events.

Yoga for Athletes

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